Singapore Siu Dai The SG Conversation In A Cup

English Book: Singapore Siu Dai - The SG Conversation In A Cup

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(Price inclusive of GST) Synopsis Life in Singapore is good, sometimes even — dare we say it? — absurd. In Singapore Siu Dai, Felix Cheong, with a little help from illustrator PMan, finds humour in the everyday. From our kiasu behaviour to weird geographical boundaries called GRCs and OB markers, no quirk is left unturned. These 50 short stories, praised by Singapore’s top humorists for their brew of wit and snappy storytelling, will raise the so-called SG Conversation to a new, satirical pitch. So laugh along as we look forward to Singapore’s 50th birthday! Singapore Siu Dai 2 is the second volume in the series. Praise “Funny and identifiable…A man after my own mischievous heart.” — Neil Humphreys “Tantalising morsels of Singapore life — some sweet, some tart, some which bite back. Die-die must buy!” — Colin Goh, creator, and director, Singapore Dreaming “Read Felix’s twisted but funny stories about life, love, school, men, women, stupidity and some more subjects as well. These stories are fresh material. Instead of thinking that life is great and spend time yanking a nose hair, you should sit back, relax and enjoy Singapore Siu Dai.” — Moe Alkaff, comedian “Singapore Siu Dai is at once fascinating, piercing and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Felix’s weird and wonderful characters are begging for their own television series! This sweet read is a goldmine of wit and satire.” — Prem Anand, creator, The Noose “A rich and arresting depiction of modern Singapore, full of character and rude wit. These vignettes of our Lion City form a mosaic of our nation.” — Adrian Tan, author, The Teenage Textbook “The book ends on a slightly darker note and made me ponder on the cost of the rapid development in this little island of ours. I loved the part where Gini was an adviser to the Prime Minister. I must say the Felix did a pretty good job at ending on a sombre note to balance things out a little. It helps the average citizen reflect on how healthy progress is for the nation." — Rachel, online book reviewer ISBN: 978-981-07-8858-2 Published: 2014 Dimension: 130mm x 200mm Extent: 132 Finish: Paperback

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