Kacang Puteh Man with Stall Figurine
Kacang Puteh Man with Stall Figurine

Heritage Miniature: Kacang Puteh Man with Stall Figurine by Miniature Stories

SGD 68.00

(Price inclusive of GST) "A collectible figurine of an Indian ""Kacang Puteh"" seller seated behind his stall, filling a rolled-up paper cone with nuts. “Kacang Puteh” (pronounced ka-chang pu-tay) is a Malay word that refers to roasted or fried nuts and beans. The sellers, who were typically Indian, were affectionately called Kacang Puteh Men. They were a welcome sight outside cinemas and beside other street hawkers, offering tasty tidbits on-the-go to moviegoers and children." The figurines are made of a metal alloy to give a solid weight and feel. They are hand-painted with special care taken to ensure accuracy to actual colours. Approx. Size of Figurine: Man: 35mm (H) x 30mm (W), Stall: 30mm (H) x 33mm (W) Approx. Size of Box: 12cm (L) x 9.2cm (W) x 6.1cm (H) Approx. Weight: 170g

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