Chinese Woman and Girl Figurines
Chinese Woman and Girl Figurines

Heritage Miniature: Chinese Woman and Girl Figurines by Miniature Stories

SGD 90.00

(Price inclusive of GST) "A pair of collectible figurines depicting a Chinese woman wearing a samfu and carrying a rattan shopping bad, and a little girl in a pink smock dress. Many Chinese women in Singapore during the 1950s wore a samfu, which is the Cantonese term for an everyday two-piece outfit that comprises an upper shirt or blouse (sam) and a pair of trousers (fu)." The figurines are made of a metal alloy to give a solid weight and feel. They are hand-painted with special care taken to ensure accuracy to actual colours. Approx. Size of Figurine: Woman: 60mm (H) x 28mm (W); Little Girl: 42mm (H) x 19mm (W) Approx. Size of Box: 12cm (L) x 9.2cm (W) x 6.1cm (H) Approx. Weight: 190g

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