Discover Chinatown Through Our Merchandise

Located at the heart of Chinatown, the Chinatown Heritage Centre showcases an authentic side of Singapore's history. Hidden within these rich, vibrant and colourful shophouses are unique pieces of Singapore's past.

The merchandise were specially curated through the artists who braved the era. A story lies within every individual piece of creation. That's where CHC retail truly shines, as its products breathe and tell exclusive tales of Chinatown history in the 1950s.

About Chinatown Heritage Centre

The Chinatown Heritage Centre is the gateway for all visitors to trace the footsteps of Singapore’s early pioneers and discover the personal stories of people who made Chinatown their home. Located within three beautifully restored shophouses on Pagoda Street, the Chinatown Heritage Centre is the only place in Singapore that has recreated the original interiors of its shophouse tenants in the 1950s, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of Chinatown’s early residents.

Your First Step to Discovering Chinatown

Eight feet by eight feet, bound by thin wooden boards; such was the typical Chinatown cubicle. Housing shortage in the 1950s spelt good times for landlords, who portioned their shophouses into tiny cubicles to take in as many tenants as possible. The cubicles are tiny spaces, furnished simply. But even the simplest object tells a story like a pair of clogs. In these ‘eight by eight’ spaces, they called home, are glimpses of their struggles and sacrifices, aspirations and disappointments, love and joy. Step into the humble homes of Chinatown’s early residents, rebuilt with the memories of many who had lived, worked and grown up in such cubicles.

Collaboration with Artists

CHC works with local artists to create merchandise of the Chinatown flavour. Feel what is it like to possess a piece of history and commemorate the uniqueness of this buzzing district.

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