Francis Wong Hooe Wai

A talented artist in his childhood, Francis had to give up his ambition to be an artist for an economically stable career as an architect. Now that he has retired, Francis is pursuing his first love in the arts and has published a collection of 3 children’s picture books about growing up in Chinatown. The strong connection with Chinatown has passed down from generation to generation in Francis’ family. The stories of his grandfather Physician Ng, his mother Sijing and their living cubicle recreated in the museum shophouse are highlights of Chinatown Heritage Centre’s experience.

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Glacy Soh - Local Artist

Homegrown artist Glacy Soh calls herself an accidental artist whose art journey began in 2014. Central to her work, especially her sketches, is a conscious and deliberate effort to showcase Singapore. “Sketches of Singapore” is a series of artwork on Singapore landmarks and Singapore Culture. To date, five series has been launched, covering the themes of Tourist Landmarks, the Peranakan culture, National Monuments, Chinatown and Orchids.

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Patrick Yee - Renowned Illustrator

Patrick Yee’s fascination with Chinatown started when he was a child. Although he did not live in Chinatown, he visited Chinatown frequently and was familiar with the sights and sounds, people and trades of Chinatown, which left a deep impression on him. He loved collecting old photographs and artefacts of Chinatown and developed a special affinity for drawing historic scenes of Chinatown with its vanishing trades and iconic characters, capturing vividly the expressions, mood and feel of the people and place. In 2016, Patrick was awarded "The Most Prolific Children's Books Illustrator” by the Singapore Book of Records. Inspired by the people of Chinatown, Patrick has published 3 books in Mandarin “The Story of Red Headscarf”, “The Majie’s Goldfish Lantern” and “The Story of Coolie”, illustrating the lives of the Samsui Woman, the Majie Domestic Servant and the Coolies.

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Creating a Culture of Collaboration

The Chinatown Heritage Centre aims to promote the cultural heritage of Chinatown through collaborations with local artists & artisans. Through this, the museum is able to uplift and empower the local artistic community by showcasing their creations at the museum shop & online store.

CHC is always looking at opportunities to collaborate. If you have any stories or creations inspired by Chinatown, please feel free to contact

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